One of the most common questions I get asked when presenting Blu-J to prospective clients is…

How can I ensure my team engages with the Blu-J Platform and get the most value from it?

This question is normally a trigger for me to discuss culture, behaviours and make a small readiness assessment so I can decide if we will be a good fit or a flop.  But it also is the starter gun for me to share some useful insights on how to increase engagement and secure buy-in, which ironically is something Blu-J has been created to do…drive up engagement, increase buy-in, and showcase value.

Most companies rely on their team to help deliver the best service for their clients. But what happens when your team’s engagement levels are low, and they’re not as productive as they could be or they are disengaged with a change, like a new process, policy, or technology? In this article, we’ll explore some practical tips for increasing engagement from your team.  (All of which are similar to the answer we give to the question; how can I ensure my team engages with the Blu-J Platform and get the most value from it)?

Set Clear Goals and Objectives

One of the most effective ways to increase engagement from your team is to set clear goals and objectives. When team members know what they’re aiming for, they’re more likely to stay focused and motivated. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART), and communicate them clearly to your team.

(At Blu-J we offer FREE consultation sessions as part of the onboarding of new clients to help set goals and build a strategy.  There is also an Objective function within the platform to keep the team lazer focused).

Recognize and Reward Good Performance

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work. Take the time to acknowledge your team members’ achievements and reward them when they perform well. Rewards don’t have to be expensive, but they should be meaningful and appropriate. For example, you could offer a small bonus, a gift card to a favourite restaurant, or a day off.

(There is a function within Blu-J to win awards, set incentives with a bonus and so much more. Some companies using Blu-J draw out the good news stories recorded and share them internally to raise awareness and give team members recognition).

Encourage Teamwork and Collaboration

Most industries are highly competitive, but encouraging teamwork and collaboration can foster a sense of community and improve engagement. Encourage your team to share ideas and best practices, and provide opportunities for team-building activities such as group outings, team lunches, or volunteer work.

(Blu-J has a Group function to help with Teamwork and collaboration.  You can set Group Leaders to drive the community or simply share ideas and content with each other).

Provide Opportunities for Growth and Development

Most people want to learn and grow in their careers, and providing opportunities for growth and development can help increase engagement. Offer training and development programs, mentoring, or coaching, and encourage your team to take advantage of these opportunities. You could also offer opportunities for your team to attend industry conferences or networking events.

(Blu-J is a great tool for recording the success stories of individuals and using them to share insights and lived experiences in 1-2-1 sessions or personal development programmes is a great idea).

Communicate Regularly and Effectively

Effective communication is essential to keeping your team engaged and motivated. Make sure you communicate regularly with your team, whether it’s through team meetings, email updates, or one-on-one discussions. Listen to your team members’ feedback and concerns, and work to address them in a timely and effective manner.

Celebrate Successes Together

Finally, make sure you celebrate your team’s successes together. Whether it’s closing a deal or finding the perfect candidate for a client, take the time to acknowledge and celebrate these achievements as a team. Celebrations can be as simple as a team toast or a pizza party, but they can help build a sense of community and encourage continued success.

(Ensure the benefit of Blu-J is shared. Showing team members how the use of your good news story has driven up engagement, improved sales, and showcase value).

In conclusion

By following these tips, you can help increase engagement from your team and improve buy-in and results. Remember to set clear goals, recognise good performance, encourage teamwork and collaboration, provide opportunities for growth and development, communicate regularly and effectively, and celebrate successes together.


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