The Group feature allows you to pool people to focus on a Win Theme and create concentrated and purposeful Value-telling Content. The people in the Groups can be from anywhere you like; inside or outside the organisation, like in a supply chain or joint venture. They can be from a cross-section of the company or in functions or tiers, it’s your call. The Groups can be private or public, like the Content that is created.

The Groups feature facilitates great teamwork, creating better communication and more engagement from across the company. The Group dynamic is also effective in increasing personal growth, productivity and creating a happier workforce, where you can get a sense of belonging, support and guidance from others. The feature will also increase distribution of information, ideas, feedback, solutions and innovation to name a few.

You will be able to get your hands on Value-telling Content from a diverse range of perspectives and the benefits of greater inclusion, collaboration and partnerships. These benefits are known to maximise the worth of the Value-telling Content.