Before Blu-J, a lot of our clients experienced pain trying to find their Content. They would waste a lot of time and effort and would be frustrated. We have designed a powerful search functionality to make finding your Value-telling Content quick and simple. The Value-telling Content is safe and secure, giving you peace of mind. We have pinned a lot of search criteria option to the Value-telling Content template. This means you can find content via our high-tech, elastic keyword search facility or via Win Themes, Groups, Clients, Dates, Emotions, Benefits, Tags to name a few. If you wanted to see all of your Value-telling Content where you were ‘proud’ or that created ‘efficiency’ you could.

A simple export button will convert your chosen Value-telling Content into an editable format, meaning it can be quick and easily used in a broad range of format to turn your Value-telling Content into Collateral like Case Studies, Sales Pitches, Performance Reports, Presentations, Bid answers to name a few.

We have also made it easy for you to pin your favourite Win Themes, Value-telling Content, Groups and Objectives to the top of the screen so they can be easily found.