Establishing Win Themes in the Blu-J App will facilitate some important research and planning. Once you know the problems a decision-maker is looking to solve or a goal they want to achieve, you will have a clear focus. Having a clear Win Theme will lead to much more focused, purposeful Value-telling Content, serving up deliberate action, reducing the risk of lost decisions, getting buy-in and facilitating success. You will be able to spot content blind-spots much easier and keep organised and in control with an overview of the Value-telling Content being created in the Win Theme Library.

The Win Theme feature has the facility to allocate Win Theme Champions. The Champions can drive the focus, momentum and success of the Win Theme. They can articulate the expectations, incentives and bespoke standards, which will lead to improved effectiveness and productivity. You also have quick and easy access to the Champion for expert advice guidance and support with our instant messaging feature.

The laser-like focus from team members on Win Themes will cause exceptional alignment through the Group. With all team members aligned and pointing in the same direction the quality and volume of relevant, Value-telling Content will increase.