In a world of fake news, influencer ‘mistrust’ and customers who are weary of sensationalised sales claims, it is no wonder ‘trust’ is even more sought after when trying to influence, inspire and persuade someone.  Did you know that 52% of people are cynical.  The challenge to convert a sales pipeline is getting harder and we are definitely doing more with less and for less.

The most potent way to super-charge your persuasive process is to demonstrate capability through specific examples of the great things you have done, using detail, supported by data and endorsements like testimonials.  It is the simplest hack to help win more decisions.

87% of people felt capturing and use great content was important when selling

How to apply the App?

Use the Blu-J App to capture all the things your clients want to hear about and what they want proof on. If you can show great examples of things you have done that align with your client’s wants and needs, your persuasive conversion will increase. Record where you have provided a solution to a problem a client has been having, like filling hard to fill roles, where you have contributed to a client target, like driving down emissions, fun stories (we all know how powerful a story is and how an untold story is a tragedy), research and insights your clients want to learn about, like an industry wide salary survey and so many more…

The Conversion

The great Value-telling Content you capture can then be turned into a range of compelling collateral and used to convince and convert your client into a totally engaged and paying one. You can convert your Value-telling Content into sales Pitches, presentations and proposals, Elevator pitches and personal profiles, Case Studies, Marketing Content, Vlogs, Blogs and all things social media.