Most Bids and Tenders let you know what questions are the most important. The important questions tend to be weighted, so more scores can be achieved by answering well. Many industries also have some ‘go to’ questions, so through some diligent planning, research and client engagement, you can predict the type of things your clients will want to know about, things like costs, value, safety, innovation, environmental impact to name a few.

Greater visibility has got to be a good thing, right?  Sadly, some companies don’t seize this opportunity. They are unprepared or become complacent, using out of date, generic stock answers from a poorly constructed bid library. They hunt around last minute trying to fill answer gaps, embellishing examples or making them up in some occasions. This is compounded further when Bids and Tenders are not anticipated or have tight deadlines or worse you can’t easily find or remember some of the great things you have done.

Two more top reasons bids fail is due to a lack of planning and claims are unsupported with data or evidence

How to apply the App?

Use the Blu-J App to build a modern, relevant Bid Library where you capture all the things your clients want to hear about as they happen. Use our Win Theme functionality to organise your bid answers and our powerful search functionality to find the Value-telling Content quickly. If you can offer up great examples and demonstrated the great things you have done that align with the bid question your persuasive conversion will increase.

Record where you have had recent successes and achieved milestones on a project through capability, examples of unique scenarios, like where you have been innovative and engineered value, how you have positively contributions to the local economy (social value is an important topic), scenarios where you have saved your client money or created great value or where you have ‘wowed’ a client with exceptional customer service

95% of proposals fails because content was anecdotal and value was not conveyed effectively

The Conversion

The great Value-telling Content you capture can then be turned into a range of compelling collateral and used to convince and convert your client into a totally engaged and paying one.  Convert your Value-telling Content into Bid and Tender answers, Case Studies, Testimonials and so much more.