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How can I ensure my team engages with the Blu-J Pl...

One of the most common questions I get asked when presenting Blu-J to prospective clients is… How can I ensure my team engages with the Blu-J Platform and get the most value from it? This question is normally a trigger

8 signs you are not getting the most from your Val...

If you don’t know what Value-telling Content is and if you should be getting more from it, then let me share a quick insight. Value-telling Content is all the great stuff you, like how you ‘wowed’ a client, went above

I’m Jay and I’m a Blu-J subscriber.

Hiya, I’m Jay and I’m a Blu-J subscriber… I run my own business and have a great leadership team, but we used to waste so much time hunting for our success stories and evidence of the cool stuff we did,

The power of Envy

Envy is a powerful emotion.  It is also the most misunderstood.  Emotions like Envy aren’t the interior décor of our mind, they are tools, like a screwdriver. A motivational too.  Envy is a great motivator, helping people go the extra

The Blu-J Technical Journey

When we set off on this journey to build a solution to a very real problem, we did not expect to encounter so many forks in the road, so early on.  We found ourselves having to make decisions on what