We are seemingly in a world where there is more and more prescriptive standards to achieve. On one hand this can be a good thing making barriers to entry higher and creating a club of exclusivity and a badge of recognition. On the other hand, it can create red tape, slow things down and create costs. Whichever side of the fence you fall, the requirement for standards to be set and the expectation to meet them will not go away.

This often means that people will be required to demonstrate compliance with the standard. The standard can be set out in the form of Legislation, Contracts requirements, ISO standards, Codes of Practice to name a few. Some may even be internal standards in the form of Policies, Procedures or Work instructions. Compliance can be checked by people internal to the company in the form of Manager, Leadership Teams, Internal Auditors or external to the company in Stakeholders, Clients or third party Auditors.

74% of companies are often in panic mode trying to find evidence they need to pass an audit

How to apply the App?

The Blu-J App is a great way to for people to demonstrate compliance to a standard, keeping all forms of evidence in one place that can be easily found. It also allow for leaders to keep their finger on the pulse and be assured standards are being achieved. The Blu-J App allows you to record compliance evidence, add attachments, log Lessons Learned, Challenges and Solutions and so much more

The Conversion

The great Value-telling Content you capture can then be turned into a range of compelling collateral and used to convince an auditor you have achieved the standard. They can be Audit Reports, Customer Feedback Reports and Corrective Action Plans.