Managing through measurement is a huge part of our working lives. In a world where more and more is being demanded for less and targets are getting harder and timescales are getting shorter, the pressure to perform is high. There are countless Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and they are getting more and more sophisticated. However, measuring performance and development by quantitative statistics alone has its dangers too.

Have you ever experienced ‘ivory tower’ decision making based on some numbers on a spreadsheet? Have you ever sat in a Performance Review or Personal Development Plan and looked solely at the numbers?

Making decisions using quantity data is not only ignorant, it is boring too. Stories are better than spreadsheets! The data needs a context and stories do that. Stories captivate your audience and they trigger emotions and emotions are the driving force behind decisions. More qualitative measures and examples should be used in conjunction with data or in some instances they can be effective on their own.

Only 1% of people utilise tactics that are compatible with the way the human mind works

How to apply the App?

The Blu-J App is great at setting quantities measures and qualitative expectations to help demonstrate exceptional performance. The Blu-J App will help capture all the things you have achieved or making solid progress on, bring your performance to life. Show people why the numbers are right and not because they are circumstantial. Use the Blu-App to show recent successes and record where you have turned a situation around and prevented risk. Record great examples of where you have demonstrated capability, competence, compliance and credibility

The Conversion

The great Value-telling Content you capture can then be turned into a range of compelling collateral and used to convince and convert your client into a totally engaged and paying one.  Convert your Value-telling Content into Bid and Tender answers, Case Studies, Testimonials and so much more.