This is the good stuff. This feature allows you to record the great things you do. The options and flexibility of the type of Value-telling Content is broad. You can make a record of achievements, log milestones, proof, ideas and stories, all aimed at answering a Win Theme question. You can record problems, solutions, lessons learnt and so much more. You can use the App anywhere in the world and at any time, reducing missed opportunities and preventing the need to rely on foggy memories at a later date.

The structure of the Value-telling Content is designed to build trust and demonstrate capability, credibility, competence and compliance, helping you get buy-in and win decisions you want. You can record the Value-telling Content in a really compelling and impactful way, quickly and easily and without any training.

The Content feature allows you to build a library of Value-telling assets, that can be used instantly or kept safe and secure until you need them. You can record benefits, value, emotions and pin supporting information, like documents, photos, website links and tags making your Value-telling Content really compelling and convey value to the decision-maker.

This feature allows you to keep the Content in Draft so you can build up the record over time and with an auto-save functionality, you will never have to worry about an unsaved update. You can set reminders and actions so you will never miss an event, opportunity or a deadline to capture Content.

The feature allows for feedback and comments, has an approval process built in and you can record actions to be completed. You can ask for feedback and get social proof from outside of the Blu-J App in the form of a testimonial. This means the Value-telling Content will have maximum impact and with free hints, tips and advice via Notifications from our experts, the impact will be sky high.

The Value-telling Content can be public or private. If public it can be viewed, reacted to with a ‘like’ and it can be shared. We track the views so you can see how impactful the Content is being within your company and we keep the ‘hot content’ at the top of the Dashboard page.