Hiya, I’m Jay and I’m a Blu-J subscriber…

I run my own business and have a great leadership team, but we used to waste so much time hunting for our success stories and evidence of the cool stuff we did, especially as we frantically prepared for an Account Review with our clients or preparing for an audit or answer a Bid question. It was also irritating that our triumphs became distant, fuzzy memories and we wanted to tell the best stories to our clients, especially the hard-to-engage ones until we discovered Blu-J.

We got fed up with making promises and needed to make more proof, which was compelling and easy to find.

We quickly realised the need for proof points, demonstrating credibility and building trust was important internally too, like when holding promotional reviews with our staff members, discussing performance and setting monthly targets and so much more.

Subscribing to the Blu-J Platform allowed us to record the really cool stuff our people did and we did as a company. After a short period of time, we had built a portfolio of white-hot examples of our triumphs, success, lessons learned and so much more. All are available at our fingertips ready to be exported and turned into compelling collateral.

We were able to benefit from Blu-J’s Value-telling Blu-print, which helped us draw out all of the right detail, and record the important stuff, like benefits and value.  Soon we had optimised all of our greatness and seized many more opportunities. We were able to deliver a much higher persuasive performance and won more decisions.

If you need evidence, proof points, and stories to engage decision-makers and show your credibility, then the Blu-J Platform is for you.

Firstly, I would recommend you learn who Blu-J are, what they do, and how they do it.  https://blu-j.co.uk/about/

You are only one explainer video away from more won decisions.  If prefer something more visual and fun to learn what they do. Watch their video.  https://blu-j.co.uk/#video

They give away a load of stuff for FREE too. Get your hands on their FREE eBook on how to deliver a High Persuasive Performance, quickly and easily. It has a load of simple and effective tips in there. It also shares insight into Blu-J’s Value-telling Blu-print.  Simply follow the link: https://blu-j.co.uk/hvco

There are loads of other FREE stuff too, like our FREE Resources, if you needed some inspo.  We have learned loads and it has also helped us keep an open mind on some important topics. Help yourself –  https://blu-j.co.uk/free-resources/

You can also read up on some hot topics like WTF is Value-telling Content, What are Win Themes, and 5 most powerful persuasive hacks to name a few. Track them down in the Blog section of their website. https://blu-j.co.uk/blog/

They also spend time talking to some industry experts on all things High Persuasive performance. Catch up on a few episodes of The Value-telling Podcast, hosted by Blu-J’s CEO – Matt Traynor. They cover all things decision-winning.  Watch them here: https://blu-j.co.uk/podcast/

If you value some thought-provoking culture, insightful science, free expert advice, and inspirational snippets on all things positive, persuasive, and decision-winning, then you can sign up for their Blu-J Journal on their website. https://blu-j.co.uk/

If you wanted something a little less formal and seeking some social engagement. Track them down on their socials @valuetelling. The links are also at the bottom of their website if you wanted to find the link to a specific Platform, like Facebook, or LinkedIn to name a few. https://blu-j.co.uk/

And finally, if you wanted to talk to a human, you can. Simply book with a member of the team https://blu-j.co.uk/call/

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