Creating Content that Converts
Life is fast and stories of the great stuff you do can go unnoticed, they’re rarely recorded and they get forgotten. This means compelling examples of your capability and differentiators go unused. Blu-J is an on-line platform that acts just like a Logbook, helping you build a portfolio of white-hot examples of the cool stuff you do, primed and ready to capture the hearts and minds of your audience, drive up engagement, win buying decisions and showcase value.

Blu-J is under-pinned by our tried and tested Blu-print (our secret sauce) to set a content standard. It is simple to use and your Value-telling Content is easy to find and even easier convert into sales and marketing collateral, saving you time and effort. We provide this for less than £1 a day, per person. Not to mention a free 14-day trial period and a Blu-J guarantee. It’s risk free.
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We help people win big decisions, both personally and professionally, like getting that dream job, securing that promotion, getting the buy-in from that hard to please client, winning a place on that PSL after an intense tender process, or making that record-breaking sale and so much more…

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87% of people felt capturing great content was important when selling

Why is Value-telling Content so important?
We love a bit of history and like to pay homage to Aristotle who wrote one of the greatest books ever written on persuasion. It is called Rhetoric. He wrote that you need 3 things to persuade someone and these three things are at the heart of our Value-telling Blu-print. They are:

  • Ethos, which is credibility
  • Pathos, which is emotion
  • Lagos, which is logic or reasoning

You cannot persuade someone with just one of these, you need all three in play. By using these three parts in combination you are answering the following questions for the decision maker:

Why do I trust this person, why do I care and are they right?

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Blu-J Benefits

Our beautifully designed, simple to use Blu-J App will help you capture the great things you do in a really compelling way. The Value-telling Content you record will help deliver a High Persuasive Performance, every time. You will Create content that converts.

Save loads of time and money

Maximise the value of your Content

Seize more opportunity

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95% of proposals fails because content was anecdotal and value was not conveyed effectively

The Blu-J Strategy

The four pillars of our Blu-J Strategy will focus your attentions in the right areas, deliberately capture Value-telling Content and communicate it in a way that gets the best reaction.
Establish Win Themes

Establish Win Themes

Focus on the important things, the stuff that will resonate with your audience the most. Set targets and keep on track. Find blind-spots and set deliberate content capture actions.

Capture Value-telling Content

Capture Value-telling Content

Record the ideas you have and cool things you do and maximise its value using our special formulae. Work with others to get different perspectives and get social proof and endorsements like testimonials.

Create Collateral

Create Collateral

The powerful search facility within the App will help you find the important stuff really easy and download it ready to be converted into collateral like a bid answer, a sales pitch, a performance review, anywhere you need to persuade someone.

Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert

Take advantage of our insightful science and free expert advice on all things High Persuasive Performance. Turn your collateral into a persuasive campaign to win the decisions you want.

We know that sometimes people can have a creative block, it happens to the best of us, so we thought we would offer up a range of suggestions and ideas that may serve as inspiration or help get the creative juices flowing.
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How to deliver high persuasive performances and get the decisions you want without huge cost and loads of hard work

Claim your FREE 30-Minute Consultation with one of our experts who will share the roadmap to delivering a High Persuasive Performance, using our tried and tested Value-telling Blu-print worth £500. We will also reveal the bullet proof tactics we’ve used to for ourselves and for our clients, consistently.  The session we will cover:

5 Simple, yet powerful hacks you can use to win more decisions, even if you don’t know where to start.

4 most common mistakes when trying to win a decision and how you can easily avoid them.

3 Insider secrets which help you win more decisions in as little as a week.

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