What are rewards?

Who doesn’t want a bit of recognition?  The Blu-J Rewards are a little bit of fun.  Each Reward has been assigned a colour medal and once you have achieved it, it will be rewarded to you and displayed on your profile. The Rewards are for things like your first piece of Value-telling Content, your first Testimonial, joining the 100 club to name a few. There are easy ones to achieve and others that require much more effort. 

Goals help you keep focused and act like a compass. If you wanted to learn more about the power of Objectives, then head over to our Free Resources and read our Blog on the importance of goals: https://blu-j.co.uk/the-benefits-of-having-goals/ 

Objectives can be created separately and can be added to Groups, meaning the group will work together to achieve the Objective set, often capturing and recording great Content on a specific topic.  For example, a specially designed group can be tasked to capture 20 pieces of Value-telling content on Social Value by the end of the month because an Account Review is due soon and Social Value is on the agenda.  

If you wanted to learn more about Group, you can read up on them here: https://blu-j.co.uk/why-are-groups-so-important/ 

Help is nearby 

If you get stuck or have any questions, you could find the answer here in a FAQ section. You could ask Jay our Helpbot for the answer or simply get in touch by dropping us a quick mail and a member of the team will be with you shortly. 

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