How can I communicate via the Blu-J Platform?

Communication is such an essential part of our lives and a key ingredient to successful business or team.  There are loads of cool ways you can get in touch with other people in the Blu-J platform.   

Messaging Module 

The main reason is using the Messaging module. It can be found in the right-hand panel.  The logo looks like a speech bubble.  You can use this to send in mails to individuals or multiple people. It acts just like WhatsApp, so the feel and process should be familiar to many. 

Group Forum 

You can also message within groups you are in. Each group you are a member in, has a Forum where you can pose questions, provide opinion, offer up advice and guidance and so much more.   

Team work makes the dream work.  Building a Group of like-minded people or pulling together a diverse range of cultures to capture value-telling Content on a specific topic can be really valuable.  If you wanted to learn more about the power of Groups, then check out our Blog here: 

Win Themes and Group Leaders 

If a Win Theme Champion or a group leader has been appointed, then you can reach out to these from within the Win Theme or Group and ask them a question, seek advice or get clarification on expectations.  

Feedback and Reactions 

When a piece of Value-telling Content is approved and published, it is available to find using the search module and it is easy to see on the Dashboard page.  If you find the Content particularly interesting or good work, then you can react to it with a thumbs up, letting the creator know you like it. You can also leave a comment too by clicking into the piece of Value-telling Content, going to the last tab called Feedback and share some thoughts.  

Tip:  You can also share the piece of Value-telling Content with team members.  For example, you may have stumbled across some great work and thought this would be useful in an up-and-coming sales pitch, so you hit the share button and fire it over to a colleague. 


Social proof is really valuable.  You can request a Testimonial from people outside of the Blu-J Platform, like clients or suppliers.  Simply go to the Feedback section in the value-telling Content and click on the Testimonial Button.  It gives you the change to message them, explain what you want and also seek permission to use it.   

Help is nearby 

If you get stuck or have any questions, you could find the answer here in a FAQ section.  You could ask Jay our Helpbot for the answer or simply get in touch by dropping us a quick mail and a member of the team will be with you shortly. 

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