There is a serious amount of power that can be unleashed from collaboration, surrounding yourself with like-minded people, and feeling part of a community.  Whether you are a leadership team, a colleague, a job-seeker, a single parent, or a grieving partner, there is an ecosystem for you, and the support this can bring is amazing.

An important aspect of work is the opportunity to be part of a group. Group work is used because it can be an effective way to learn. Numerous research studies have shown the benefits of collaborative working on performance, communication skills, and confidence.

Problem-solving, ideas, and innovation

The phrase “two heads are better than one” certainly has some merit. Researchers found that when people work together, for example on a problem-solving task, they are more likely to experiment with different techniques in order to try and solve it. They can also learn faster from positive and negative feedback.  We have experienced amazing group cohesion and dynamics that have led to some great ideas, solutions to complex problems, and innovation.

Learning together

Employees also learn better by discussing and questioning each other’s opinions and reasoning as this allows them to develop different perspectives on how they can go about completing a task.  Having diverse cultures, experiences, and perspectives when seeking a solution is a big movement in itself and something that should be embraced.  Who doesn’t want a broader, deeper, more insightful set of ideas?  Capturing Value-telling Content from a diverse range of people can unearth benefits and value that would have been missed, helping you deliver a more rounded and much improved persuasive performance.

A survey showed that 97% of employees reported that working in a group environment has helped facilitate their learning and collaborative skills in some way. Some suggested that group work served as a learning process in itself; that is, they learned about groups by working in a group.

Working in groups also offers up a great opportunity to develop skills, such as Organisation, Delegation, Effective communication, Cooperation, Leadership, and Following.  These are all valuable qualities that help you and your business.

Economies of Scale

Group work can make things more efficient and fun. In a group situation, you can attempt tasks that could not be accomplished by an individual, combining a variety of skills and expertise to tackle more complex and larger-scale problems. If you are working to a limited time frame, group work allows analysis to a greater depth and breadth than if you were working individually.  It is evident that when groups of people seek to capture Value-telling Content, then a great volume and range are achieved.

An organisational structure of the workplace means that teamwork is becoming increasingly important. Many companies require tasks to be completed in teams with the teams functioning to the best of their abilities.  Working in groups gives you an excellent opportunity to get to know one another. It can be useful for encouraging social interactions and for developing strong social/learning networks.

Final Thoughts

Working in a group can be tough. So, when people are able to overcome all the conflict, stress, and long hours that come with group assignments, the end result of getting amazing Value-telling Content and delivering a High Persuasive Performance can be extremely satisfying and motivating.

Group working to capture Value-telling Content can be effective regardless of people’s socioeconomic status. However, the advantages of this active environment are only observed when it is done right.  Group size, how groups are assigned, and how the groups are led can have both a positive and negative impact on performance.


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