Before we jump straight into the 3 biggest enemies to success, we should check in with the ‘how to beat them part’.

One of the key ingredients to beating these enemies this is awareness, but critically what does success mean to you?  This helps to better understand and calibrate how the 3 biggest enemies to success are showing up.

In my world, success to me is about delivering High Persuasive Performances and winning the decisions I deserve, like getting that dream job, securing that promotion, making that sale and so much more

Here at Blu-J, success is about inspiring, influencing, and persuading people to do the things that deliver a High Persuasive Performance and win the decisions they deserve for the better. It’s our Mission statement.  

So, what does success mean to you?

So now you are clear on what success means to you, now you can check in with the 3 enemies to success to see if any of them are having an impact and holding you back.  The three enemies to success are:

  • Your Comfort Zone
  • Learned Helplessness
  • The Path of Least Resistance

The Comfort Zone.

The Comfort Zone is a place where you are comfy doing what you are doing and you tend to consciously or subconsciously resist change just in case it threatens this comfort zone.  This may sound like a great place, but it is where growth goes to die.  It limits opportunity, adventure, innovation, and all the good stuff that is needed to make a success of things.

Did you know 80% of the population resists change, even if it is good for them?

Sometimes a comfort zone is created to protect yourself. I see this all the time in people’s careers and how business owners manage their organizations.  I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news; in order for growth and success, change is needed, and this will require vulnerability and courage.  Keep an eye out for anywhere in your life where you are ‘engineering smallness’.  Learn more about this in my eBook.  Download a copy of it for FREE.

Check out Episode 5 of The Value-telling Podcast called – put yourself out there, where the brilliant Joe Wilson talks about Comfort Zones, Stretch Zones, and Panic Zones.

Learned Helplessness

Did you know that resilience is learned? Taking ownership is a great start.  We have a mantra here at Blu-J and it is – Take 100% ownership.  It can and has revolutionized team dynamics.

If you have learned helplessness, you will probably be thinking things like; there is nothing I can do to stop bad things from happening, nothing good ever happens to people like me, I hate my job, yet you can’t look for another one.

What’s sad is that so many people with this mindset don’t even try because they feel success will never happen for them or the goal is too far away. Needless to say with this approach to things you are much less likely to flourish and your version of success will never be realized.

So gear up…

Know the difference between fault and responsibility. Not everything is your fault, but

everything is your responsibility.  Take 100% Ownership.  Give that a minute to sink in and stop being defensive!

Let’s agree that Sh*t Happens and you may not have caused it, but you are 100% responsible for how you react to the situation. Learn more about this in my eBook.  Download a copy of it for FREE.

Check out Episode 1 of The Value-telling Podcast called – You may not like what I tell you, where the great Paul Edwards talks about Perspective and Ownership.

Path of least resistance

This is where you choose the easy way to get results.  Now, let’s be clear, this is a natural thing to think.  Why work hard to get a result I can get if I don’t have to work as hard?  I would pick this option if it presented itself.  However, the enemy is convincing yourself you will get the results and you will succeed by taking the easy route.

Ask any successful person and you will learn that nothing worthwhile has ever been achieved easily, so don’t be fooled into thinking there are always easy routes to success.  Straight Line success does not exist.  You will always, ALWAYS encounter what I call the Messy Middle.  You should strap in and be prepared to graft, hustle, and grind out a result. This is how you beat this enemy. Learn more about this in my eBook.  Download a copy of it for FREE.

Are any of these enemies holding you back from achieving your goals?

Now you have identified that something may be holding you back from success and you have made a conscious decision to make a change, you now need to own it.  This is really important because it will make you accountable, inspire growth, motivates you to acquire knowledge, and help you prioritize your time to succeed in a MUCH shorter timeframe.

There are loads of evidence to suggest having a strong sense of ownership and control over your life is linked with success, higher self-motivation, and even a longer lifespan.

If like me, success to you is winning the decisions you deserve like getting that dream job, securing that promotion, making that sale and so much more, then you need to recognize the enemies to this success are staying firmly in your comfort zone, feeling you are not worthy of the success you want and taking the cheap and easy route to your goals.

I teach my clients this is also true of capturing Value-telling Content.  I spend a lot of time evangelizing over the power of Value-telling Content and ways to use it so you can deliver a High Persuasive Performance.  By staying in your comfort zone, you will miss great opportunities to capture and share Value-telling Content, you will also not take action and get off your chair if you think it’s not worth it and great opportunities won’t present themselves to you. You must hunt them down, get in the way of them. Find them! And lastly, if you think taking a photo and putting it on socials or revamping a dusty case study is capturing Value-telling Content and helping deliver a Highly Persuasive Performance, you are wrong! The path of least resistance will murder your success.

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