Sometimes opportunities are missed because it may feel like the wrong time, or you have conflicting priorities or some other barrier.  Sadly, these excuses may turn out to be costly.  This can lead to procrastination, delays, and an overly complicated process.

So what needs to change so you can have a cleaner, simpler process to capture Value-telling content, leading to fewer lost opportunities and the growth of assets like sales and marketing collateral?

You only need 4 things to simplify the way you capture Value-telling Content.


If you are the only one to feel personally responsible for the capture of Value-telling Content, it is not a surprise you may feel like the success of the Value-telling Content rests with you.  Taking the emotional responsibility of the capture and use of the company’s success stories often goes hand in hand with a lot of crystal ball gazing, trying to work out what might happen, which can be an impossible task.  Some people may like the responsibility and taking control, but if you feel exhausted and under excessive pressure from the responsibility, it may be time to let go and ask for some support from across the business. Here at Blu-J, we advise capturing Value-telling Content to be little and often and by a range of people to get a good sample of perspectives and insights.  Sharing the responsibility will simplify the capture of Value-telling Content.


You may be well aware that you’re prone to overdoing it, burning the midnight oil, and going above and beyond to meet those tight deadlines, but this may lead to overwhelm. If you tend to approach the capture or conversion of Value-telling Content with enthusiasm and zeal, scaling back can feel like a big change and some see it as a sign of weakness.

If you thrive off the buzz of new experiences and being busy, you may also be prone to the fear of missing out and you have not seized every single opportunity that comes your way.  But this is something that needs to be faced head-on if you’ve noticed you feel fragmented and overwhelm creeping in and simplifying the process of capturing and using Value-telling Content may be a much-needed shift.

We recommend you start by focusing on the top priorities. Focus on capturing the Value-telling Content that carries the most weight and impact.  Identify those that are on the periphery and prioritise these second if you have time.  Effect prioritisation will help simplify the capture of Value-telling Content.


There is something about wanting to put on a great show and share with peers, clients, and any decision-maker the great stuff you do. Even the savviest about self-care suddenly start to take on bigger challenges, pushing the boundaries to capture the extra bit of Value-telling Content.  If you have a vocal inner critic and worry about being judged by others, it can be hard to resist the pressure to stretch yourself.

If you find yourself in people-pleasing mode, trapped by fear of disapproval or missing out, then try and remember the job is never done when it comes to Value-telling Content and the best option is to spend more time planning and being strategic with the Value-telling Content you need and move out of the reactive mode into consciously curating how you will spend your time. Also, try to prioritise quality over quantity when it comes to using your time wisely.  Planning and focusing on quality will help simplify the capture of Value-telling Content.


There are lots of situations that can trigger the inner perfectionist and the capture and use of Value-telling Content are one of these.  Usually, after weeks or days of being surrounded by messages like, we must put on a good show at our next review, we need to win this next bid, our competitors are getting better and other things like this, it’s no wonder you may feel the pressure for a perfect delivery.  Needless to say, aspiring for perfectionism is setting yourself up to fail, but sometimes there can be so much to lose. We get it.

We believe that decision-makers are not on the lookout for perfect. They are on the lookout for reality.  They want proof and not promises. They want an honest, real, authentic supplier and your Value-telling Content should reflect this.  Don’t delay capturing Value-telling Content and putting it in the system because it’s not perfect or because you are missing that perfect photo. Get it in the system.  Ask others for feedback and opportunities to improve it. As Nike would say, Just do it. When it comes to capturing Value0telling Content, get it caught, expect feedback, and embrace the opportunity to evolve your content from different perspectives.  Capture what you have is better than not capturing it at all and this will simplify the capture of Value-telling Content.

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