The Blu-J Technical Journey

When we set off on this journey to build a solution to a very real problem, we did not expect to encounter so many forks in the road, so early on.  We found ourselves having to make decisions on what

What are Win Themes?

An obvious mistake most people make when trying to persuade someone is that they make it about themselves and not about the person they are trying to convince. Too few people find out what is really important to the person

Why is Value-telling Content so important?

We love a bit of history here and like to pay homage to Aristotle who wrote one of the greatest books ever written on persuasion. It is called Rhetoric. He wrote that you need 3 things to persuade someone and

5 Simple, yet powerful hacks you can use to win mo...

Some days, winning the decisions you deserve might seem like a faraway dream. But, if you implement the right strategies, you can get there far sooner than you think. We’ve outlined 5 simple, tried-and-tested techniques you can use to inspire,

The 4 Most Common Mistakes Made When Trying To Win...

Sadly, when it comes to delivering a High Persuasive Performance and winning decisions, too many people make simple mistakes which cost them dearly. If you’re not careful, you could follow in their footsteps and end up falling well short of

Why you don’t need to tolerate cynical peopl...

Far and away the most common challenge people who are trying to persuade a decision-maker will face is convincing a cynic. There is solid evidence that, on average, people are quite cynical. Interesting, in one experiment people honoured the trust

I don’t sell a bean

Leanne’s running late – like usual. Juggling her career and personal life is a challenge at the best of times, but she’s all over it. This Super-mom runs a tight ship. Everyone is awake at 7am, washed, changed, fed, and